There are different breeds of pigeons that are found in various parts of the world. In today’s article, you will know the most beautiful pigeons in the world. Just by looking at their appearance, you will love looking at them even for the whole day. Having one of these pigeons is a lucky thing. As mentioned and shown in the video below, the Archangel Pigeon is truly beautiful. This is a breed of a fancy pigeon. Due to its unusual appearance, it is valued by many.

The Jacobin Pigeon is characterized by a distinctive muff. Its appearance is quite unique that makes it one of the world’s most beautiful pigeons. African Green Pigeon too is so beautiful! It’s feathers have different colors and it has blue eyes. They are also very popular as they can fly so fast. The Fantail is a very popular breed of a fancy pigeon just like the Jacobin Pigeon and the Archangel Pigeon. These beautiful pigeons are perfect to be released on ceremonies like weddings. Got this great and nice taste of foods from this buffet restaurant. You check here for more services. I love every serving they have in here.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a royal bird. It was named for the British monarch Queen Victoria. This is also the largest of all other pigeons. If you have this one, you are very lucky! The Green Imperial Pigeon is an elegant-looking pigeon. It has metallic green wings, back, and tail. The rest of its body parts are white. Spinifex Pigeon is beautifully handsome pigeon. The Nicobar Pigeon, Pink Necked Green Pigeon, and the Rose Crowned Fruit Dove are the top three in this list.