There are different species of birds found in different parts of the world such as owl, goose, heron, sandpiper, falcon, doves, parrot, and more. There are also pigeons that constitute the animal family Columbidae and the order Columbiformes. The term Columbidae comes from the word “columbine” which refers to pigeons and doves. These birds are described as stout-bodied birds with short necks and also short slender bills. The scientific name for this bird including doves is Columbidae. For the higher classification of these birds, Columbiformes.

Pigeons are actually known as ‘dirty birds’ and ‘rats of the sky’. Do these birds deserve these nicknames? You will surely be shocked to know that in reality, they are remarkably smart birds. They are strong and are able to find their way home. They also form cooperative family units. They even possess advanced skills based on studies conducted. For wildlife rehabilitator like me, we regard pigeons as amazing creatures, not as loathsome creatures. Though many hate pigeons, know that these creatures are surprisingly powerful.

There are feral pigeons as well as trained racing pigeons. These birds, especially those that were trained for racing have impressive breast muscles that account for one-third of their total body weight. Amazing, isn’t it? Pigeons are also known to be private. This is because you can only see them once they are fully mature. In terms of parenting, the parent pigeons are equal in providing the needs of their chicks. In other words, they co-parent. These birds are also known to be monogamous.