Birds can have similarities as well as differences. They are similar in terms of the animal kingdom that they belong to as well as class. For example, doves and pigeons are both birds and belong to Kingdom Animalia. The scientific name of these birds is Columbidae under the order Columbiformes. Both belong to the class of Aves. Like this, they are similar. However, these two birds also have differences. Though pigeons are similar in terms of appearance with that of doves, pigeons are generally larger.

The difference between these two birds can be of color and their general appeal. When it comes to scientific nomenclature, there is no difference between a pigeon and a dove. But in terms of size, a dove is generally smaller in size than that of a pigeon. The difference between a dove and a pigeon is more linguistic. For the bigger ones, they are preferred to be called as pigeons while the smaller ones are called doves. In other words, there is not much difference between the two.

When it comes to the number of these species, both have a large number in the different parts of the world. They are actually very common with each other and yet, many have misconceptions about them insisting that the two are different. “Doves and pigeons are both interchangeable names that can be applied to any of those birds that belong to the family of species called Columbidae. In conclusion, there is no official differences between these two that belong to one family.